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I got this email recently from an agent I co-op’ed with (he was the listing agent, I had the buyers). It really made my day.


I have to tell you how great it was working with such a professional … was such a pleasure from the beginning to the settlement table ….it was so refreshing …….I can not wait to work with you again and if it doesn’t work out with you working with your Mother I would love to have you work with me……LOL have a great weekend!

Professionally yours,


We’ve all seen this, right? The Realtor on the phone in his/her headshot? It must end!

There are only 2 possibilities here:

1. The agent falsely believed that you, the viewer, would think that they were caught off guard by a great candid photo while they were SO BUSY SELLING HOUSES! (Oh come on!!!)
2. This Realtor is terrible at time management / using their calendar, and double-booked their photoshoot with a very important teleconference.

Cut it out, Realtors!



On Monday, I had the “pleasure” of attending a 10-hour Real Estate Continuing Education class. Half of me thinks it’s GREAT that Realtors are now required to act like professionals and complete credits on a biannual basis. The other half of me wants my Monday back.


This is very non-scientific but I made the following observations about a group of about 150 Realtors:

  1. Average age for the room was somewhere around 50 years old.
  2. As far as I could tell, at 30, I was the youngest person in the room.
  3. 65% Male, 35% Female
  4. The “Male Realtor Uniform” was overwhelmingly khaki pants and a blue fleece. If you ever want to blend in with a group of Realtors or dress up like one for Halloween, you’re welcome.
  5. 4 people sat in the front row. 6 people in the second row. The back 5 rows were ENTIRELY full. What does this tell you about the level of commitment to learn? (Aside – I once had a very tough Art History teacher declare that she was certain that the 1st row in the lecture hall would receive A’s, the 2nd row A’s and B’s, and anywhere beyond the 3rd row would have C’s, D’s and F’s. She learned this over 30 years of lecturing.)
  6. About 50% of the attendees just barely made it into the room on time. Approximately 10% were unequivocally late.

Very very interesting……


The market has turned.

I just got my pocket card today, which says that I am now ready & able to enter the world of Real Estate! I was hoping for something that more closely resembled the Golden Ticket that sent Charlie to the Wonka factory, but I’ll settle for this ´╗┐small bland┬ápiece of paper from the state.

I’m the newest member of The Keri Ricci Team. Keri has sold over 220 million in Real Estate in the Cherry Hill area.

This blog will (hopefully) be a great source for Real Estate, Home & Lifestyle, Events, and Living resources and ideas.

Wish me luck!