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I am IN LOVE with our newest Old Orchard listing. The original owners have meticulously maintained their 48 year old home… It is like a time capsule.

And it absolutely will not last.



On Monday, I had the “pleasure” of attending a 10-hour Real Estate Continuing Education class. Half of me thinks it’s GREAT that Realtors are now required to act like professionals and complete credits on a biannual basis. The other half of me wants my Monday back.


This is very non-scientific but I made the following observations about a group of about 150 Realtors:

  1. Average age for the room was somewhere around 50 years old.
  2. As far as I could tell, at 30, I was the youngest person in the room.
  3. 65% Male, 35% Female
  4. The “Male Realtor Uniform” was overwhelmingly khaki pants and a blue fleece. If you ever want to blend in with a group of Realtors or dress up like one for Halloween, you’re welcome.
  5. 4 people sat in the front row. 6 people in the second row. The back 5 rows were ENTIRELY full. What does this tell you about the level of commitment to learn? (Aside – I once had a very tough Art History teacher declare that she was certain that the 1st row in the lecture hall would receive A’s, the 2nd row A’s and B’s, and anywhere beyond the 3rd row would have C’s, D’s and F’s. She learned this over 30 years of lecturing.)
  6. About 50% of the attendees just barely made it into the room on time. Approximately 10% were unequivocally late.

Very very interesting……

I’m looking back at 2012 and reflecting. Yes, I’m a month late, but hey- I’ve been super busy!

In 2012 I helped 9 families into great new homes. 6 of those were in Barclay Farm. 1 new construction deal, 5 sets of first time homebuyers.

I exceeded my own expectations AND set a new earnings record for myself.

This would normally be a “good” year but I’m going to go ahead and call it a “GREAT” year because it was done in 10 months with 1 hand tied behind my back. (Or holding & nursing a baby.)

2012 was not easy, but it was definitely great!

Now…. Here’s the fun part… Our team is growing! We are hiring another Buyers Agent. Who do you know who’d like to get in now, just as things are totally heating up?

Wow my last entry was in March?!

And let me tell you why. The market is UP! Buyers are buying! Sellers are selling! We have been thrillingly busy.

If you’ve been waiting to buy, you simply must take action now. Email me to start your home search. Let’s go.


I’m back!

With the fantastic cooperation of my 4 month old, I found myself at the settlement table yesterday for the first time since November. And it felt great.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting a lovely couple in their first home – AND it’s in the best neighborhood in Cherry Hill (Barclay Farm of course) – AND at an incredible price – AND it was a Keri Ricci Team listing. This is as good as it gets.

Oh AND my friend referred these guys to me – love when the Sphere of Influence comes through.

I love my job!


Get ready to shop!

I’ve been working on this list for my First Time Home Buyers and figured it was time to share it! There’s money to be spent outside of your down payment, utilities & mortgage….. don’t let these items take you by surprise!

Examples of typical move-in expenses:

– Window treatments and hardware. This can be done for as little as about $25 per window but can easily cost quite a bit more! If your budget is tight, you can always start with simple blinds and add curtains later. Bargain shoppers, be sure to check The Christmas Tree Shop and!
Furniture. For a good estimate on what it will cost to furnish each room, pick up an Ikea catalog – they put together entire rooms and list the price. Of course you could spend more or less but this will give you a great reference point. The biggest furniture sales occur on Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Presidents Day, and after New Years. Here’s a great link on sale times: Don’t forget about outdoor furniture! Also The Dump (nearest location = Turnersville) can be great but they are only open on weekends.
– Small Appliances. Depending on your previous living arrangement, you may need to buy things like : vacuum, mixer, toaster, microwave, etc.
Large Appliances. Check your contract to see what’s staying in the home & what’s not. Normal appliances include washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/range/oven.
Area rugs. – Those of you buying homes with Hardwoods will need some rugs. You can get a good quality 9×12 area rug for about $300, but you can spend a LOT more. Lowe’s has surprisingly good prices on rugs, and a decent selection.
The Outdoor Stuff. Lawnmower, weed wacker, shovels, rakes, leaf blower, gardening tools – these can get expensive. OR, if you are not the outdoorsy DIY type, get a quote from a local landscaping company on what upkeep will cost. (I can recommend services based on your neighborhood!) Also, did you buy a pool? That’s an additional category! Watch for off-season sales at Home Depot & Lowes – i.e. grills in September/October are up to 75% off.
– Lights. Does your new home have overhead lighting in every room? Chances are there are some fixtures, but you will need lamps (tall and tabletop). Try Christmas Tree Shop, Home Goods & Lowes for great deals!
– Paint. Whether you will be painting yourself or hiring a service, make sure you factor this expense in.
Textiles & Linens. Towels, bedding, pillows, etc. I recommend Ikea and Home Goods!
It’s not all bad news though….
COUPONS – Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Crate & Barrel will send new homeowners amazing coupons, like 20% off of everything in the store. Do not start shopping without these!  They get your name & address right from USPS when you fill out a “change of address” and set up forwarding, so make sure you do that about 14 days before you actually move.

I show an awful lot of homes. And I see an awful lot of things.

There are some really simple things you can do to help sell your home – they are mostly free & easy, and require very little effort. I’m compiling a “master list” of DO’s and DON’Ts below and will update it every time I come across something new!

I wish they could all look like our Kresson Road listing!


  • Speak with your listing agent about hiring a stager
  • Turn lights & ceiling fans on
  • Open shades and blinds
  • Make it a very comfortable temperature – nice & cool in the summer, relatively warm in the winter
  • Deal with any pet odors (especially a litter box or a dirty cage)
  • Be out of the house. If you cannot leave the property, at least step outside or confine yourself to an out-of-the-way area
  • Make the beds
  • Have your listing agent inform the appointment center if anyone is sick, bedridden, etc.
  • Complete a seller’s disclosure and make sure your agent is making it available to agents with interested clients
  • Have an MLS Sheet & Feature Sheet near the front door (ask your agent for these)
  • Leave your house 15 minutes prior to the appointment times – agents are often running ahead of schedule


  • Put buyers & the agent on a tour. Let the professional do their job!
  • Light incense or have perfumey smells floating around – many are allergic and will leave
  • Be running a load of laundry or have the dishwasher going – it makes everyone feel rushed or as if someone might be home
  • Ask guests to take their shoes off – unless there’s a VERY good reason
  • Leave dirty dishes in the sink or strewn about the kitchen
  • Have too many personal photos around – buyers will (unfairly) make assumptions and form opinions about you.
  • Set your home alarm, unless absolutely necessarily. Buyers will think the neighborhood is unsafe!
  • Have any locked doors within the home

Stay tuned as this list grows…..