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We’ve all seen this, right? The Realtor on the phone in his/her headshot? It must end!

There are only 2 possibilities here:

1. The agent falsely believed that you, the viewer, would think that they were caught off guard by a great candid photo while they were SO BUSY SELLING HOUSES! (Oh come on!!!)
2. This Realtor is terrible at time management / using their calendar, and double-booked their photoshoot with a very important teleconference.

Cut it out, Realtors!




Grey Gardens is one of those documentaries that just changes you. It opens up a wild world and throws you into another place and time. It’s fair to say that I’m obsessed… I generally watch it every 6 months or so when I’m hungry for an escape into madness.

If I had $125k to spare, I’d be headed to East Hampton this summer.

A piece of American folklore can be yours from now until the end of July when you rent East Hamptons fabled Grey Gardens 2 acre estate with pool and tennis next to Georgica Beach. Originally designed by Joseph Greenleaf Thorpe in 1897, this 6000 Hampton original, was totally renovated and restored to its originally condition with the addition of today’s amenities when the current owners rescued it some 30 years ago. With gracious common rooms coupled with enough bedrooms to comfortably house all your special guests, this ode to another era additionally offers heated gunite pool, Har-Tru N/S tennis court and of course the legendary gardens, which are likely to be some of the most beautiful you will ever see. Stroll to Georgica Beach a few hundred yards away or sip something iced in the little stucco cottage hidden within the lush landscape. History can never be truly owned but you can rent a piece of it this year.

Asking $125,000, June to July

As per usual, the photos are horrendous. But anyone familiar with the film will recognize these rooms, looking far less raccoon-ish than in previous years.



You can view the full listing here

Look who helped photograph a new Barclay Farm listing today!

He insisted on dressing like a reindeer.

This one is for sellers. You’ve chosen an agent, listed your home, and you’re now awaiting showings.

The first, or “lead” photo of your home is an important one. It’s the default photo not just in the MLS for other agents to browse & set appointments off of, but is also the default picture on Zillow, Trulia,, and any other major site that draws info from the MLS – buyers are all over these sites.

So what does this photo say about your home? And what does it say about your agent?

1. The Off-Seasoner

So we’re just about as far from snow as you can get on the calandar from an actual snow date.

What it means about your home:
“Well if it’s been on the market for this long, there must be something very very horribly wrong with it.” That’s what your prospective buyer is thinking when they come across this picture.

What it means about your agent:
Unfortunately, they have more important things to do, you’re at the bottom of their list. Actually, you might want to give a call and see if they even remember that they have your home listed.

2. The Drive-By

Camera Phone photo from a moving car. Photo is off-center.

What it means about your home:
There’s nothing special going on here. No pretty scenery, no real value. You have no curb appeal.

What it means about your agent:
 They’re disorganized, and poor time-managers. And even worse, they don’t have dollars for a real camera in their business or personal budget. They do not take their listings seriously, and they might not truly believe they can sell your home.

3. The Wrong Time of Day

The sun is BEHIND the home.

What it means about your home:
Your house ends up looking dark, shady, cold, and vacant. A viewer’s natural response would be SO much more favorable with sun shining bright on the front of your house.

What it means about your agent:
I’ll be a little bit nice on this one – your agent probably just has very little photographic knowledge. They probably never took a class, read an article, or put much thought into this one.  A picture like this one could also signal that they didn’t plan very well to set aside the proper time to photograph their home.

4. The Car Shot

What’s for sale here… cars or a house? A driveway or a home?

What it means about your home:
This is not an inviting shot. First of all, is your driveway the best feature of your home? It’s in the foreground and taking up most of the frame. Your front door isn’t even visible. Your home is not being properly represented if your photo has a driveway and cars as the main focal point.

What it means about your agent:
Simply put, this agent is lazy. If they did not insist that you move your cars or offer to do it for you, I’d question how hard they will work on actually selling your home. It would take a maximum of about 5 minutes to get the cars out of this picture.

More to come! If you are interested in what well-planned, well-thought-out photography looks like, take a look at what we do here.
We take pride in presenting every single Keri Ricci Team listings in the best possible way!


I, as a member of the Disney Movie Club, was very excited to sneak a peak into Walt Disney’s former home. It’s surprisingly quaint & modest, considering the $$$ this guy had, but somehow it’s exactly what I would expect. Very charming, very cozy, very pretty!

Got $3.6 million to spare?

As per usual, I have complaints about the photos but at least this was done almost correctly.

See all the photos here
Realtor’s site here

Can I just take a moment to brag?

The Keri Ricci Team takes the best photos. As you know from previous posts, I am in a constant state of shock when scrolling through MLS for my buyers. I just can’t believe the crap that’s out there.

I am our team photographer. And I’m not afraid to say that I’m good at this. My mom taught me well. She was written up just last year for her incredible work, read the full article here.

Some of my favorite recent shots:

Big & Bright - our listing on Imperial in Cherry Hill

My signature shot - the front door opening!

A picturesque colonial in Mount Holly... I love this one!


This kitchen....

This is such a fun part of being a Realtor!

Special thanks to my teammate Melissa who spotted this funny shot in Trend MLS while hunting for homes.


This one’s a classic…. a kid in the shot, laundry drying that was too important to take down for 5 seconds.

Thank goodness for lazy agents, we get such comic relief from shots like this!