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At times like this, when it seems impossible to get it all done, I like to remind myself that I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce does.

Back to work!
(Who runs the world? Girls.)

I’m looking back at 2012 and reflecting. Yes, I’m a month late, but hey- I’ve been super busy!

In 2012 I helped 9 families into great new homes. 6 of those were in Barclay Farm. 1 new construction deal, 5 sets of first time homebuyers.

I exceeded my own expectations AND set a new earnings record for myself.

This would normally be a “good” year but I’m going to go ahead and call it a “GREAT” year because it was done in 10 months with 1 hand tied behind my back. (Or holding & nursing a baby.)

2012 was not easy, but it was definitely great!

Now…. Here’s the fun part… Our team is growing! We are hiring another Buyers Agent. Who do you know who’d like to get in now, just as things are totally heating up?

I’m back!

With the fantastic cooperation of my 4 month old, I found myself at the settlement table yesterday for the first time since November. And it felt great.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting a lovely couple in their first home – AND it’s in the best neighborhood in Cherry Hill (Barclay Farm of course) – AND at an incredible price – AND it was a Keri Ricci Team listing. This is as good as it gets.

Oh AND my friend referred these guys to me – love when the Sphere of Influence comes through.

I love my job!


My very first KW Family Reunion is off to a roaring start! I feel smarter already.

The most incredible aspect of all this is the level of education – I haven’t felt this empowered by knowledge since college. (Rhyme.)

Short Sales, Lead Conversion, Database Marketing…. Wow I can’t wait to get home and put this all into practice!

Oh and Southern California – although not as warm as I had hoped – sure beats NJ in February!

Wow this is so cool! I love Trulia more & more every day.

Click to start using the map!

This is a great tool for anyone considering a relocation, or any potential first-time buyers thinking of taking the plunge.

If you’d like to talk to a professional about any of the information you see, just give The Keri Ricci Team a call! 856-321-1212 x230
We love answering questions. No, really, we do!

I spent Thanksgiving in Newport RI. Beautiful beautiful place, and talk about real estate! These homes are incredible!

On my way home, over the beautiful Pell Bridge, I noticed something amazing. And here it is.

Funny Real Estate!

Can you see it? Yup, there’s a for sale sign on it!

So, after some research, I’ve found that
a) this is NOT a joke, and
b) it’s $295,000.

Don’t believe me? Click here.

House for Sale in Barclay Farm, Cherry Hill NJ

Nothing makes my day quite like a satisfied client!

Mary in Barclay Farm, Cherry Hill, NJ just listed her home with The Keri Ricci Team and is feeling very satisfied with our superb marketing efforts. She writes…

“Please pass my compliments and gratitude on to Liza for the just beautiful pictures of the house!! The picture taken looking into the foyer, with the front door, banister, etc., is…artistic!  And I love how she took the picture of the back porch framed by the evergreen branches.  I am just SO pleased, and when I think of all the work you’ve done ALREADY, I feel guilty!! Thank you for your help in getting this process started.”

WOW! I love my job!

You can see her lovely home here.