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I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. A zero-turnout Open House.

We did everything right – advertising, signage, invitations… But the nasty weather seems to have gotten the best of home buyers today.

The only thing keeping me afloat right now is this lovely gas fireplace surrounded by extra-long windows, looking into the woods! Gorgeous!


I’m a believer in Foursquare. It’s the most innovative & fun social networking phenom, making waves in the world. I use it for fun & for business (click here to see how). Check me later for info on my Open House!

And today it becomes clear how we’ll be seeing it used from now on. Paraphrasing:

Just shout “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers” on Foursquare during the game to get a badge of the team you support.
Special badges are nothing new, but promoted venues add something more: anybody who picks up one of these three badges gets a promo code for 20% off merchandise on It’s the first Foursquare-wide discount/promotion, but it likely won’t be the last. Now that Foursquare has built the infrastructure to do something like this, it’s possible they could launch regular check-in deals for all users, much like Groupon or Yelp.

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The Keri Ricci Team is gearing up for 5 Open Houses this Sunday in Cherry Hill. Come out & see us from 1-4pm at these beautiful homes!

207 Barclay Lane - a dream kitchen!

135 Old Carriage - Space & Luxury, even in the Bathrooms!


Charm & Beauty at 559 Tarrington

Kitty Hawk

Welcome to 112 Kitty Hawk!


105 Tavistock - a beautifully maintained Condo

Need prices, info or directions? Just email me!

While turning lights on for my Open House yesterday in Barclay Farm, I came across something amazing. A solution. An invention.

Have you ever had a lightswitch that needed to remain in it’s position 24/7? And people would constantly flick it the other way?

Take a look at one of the smartest little pieces of plastic I have ever seen.

So simple, so smart!

No need for tape any longer! I managed to find a similar item here (for babyproofing purposes) but if anyone can find the exact item pictured above, let me know, I’ll buy a life supply!


The Keri Ricci Team is hosting 5 open houses in Barclay Farm, Cherry Hill NJ this Sunday from 1-4pm!

For a list, visit our website.

We have homes for sale in all price ranges for every buyer!

Also, make sure to wish a Happy Birthday to Jay 🙂

Open House

Come to our open house on Willow Way in Barclay Farm Cherry Hill!