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It’s front page news on CNN – this is the time to buy.

“There’s just a lot of inventory glut out there,” he said, “and that’s why housing prices are dropping. The low prices help clear out the glut.”

Anthony Sanders, director of Real Estate Entrepreneurship at George Mason University, pointed out that home prices have fallen despite extremely low interest rates, which have dramatically reduced monthly mortgage costs for buyers.

“If interest rates climb, that could be the tipping point into the double dip,” he said.

OK people, what are you waiting for? Record low home prices, record low interest rates (which WILL go up soon), massive amounts of inventory…. this is essentially a clearance sale. And it won’t last. And we won’t know where the bottom is until it’s too late and prices have bounced back up.

I can show you gorgeous homes in any town in Camden, Burlington & Gloucester Counties at unbelieveable prices. Just tell me what you’re looking for!

Check out this home in Swedesboro!

After years of working in thankless, stressful, confusing jobs where I was either unsupervised or micro-managed, coming to work at Keller Williams Realty seems like a treat. I really do love it here. And working with my parents has been inspiring and rewarding every single day.

Turns out I’m not the only one who likes it here. Keller Williams’ offices in the greater Philadephia reigon (including my Cherry Hill office) have recently been named the #1 place to work in the area!!

The people who work for Keller Williams Real Estate, if not giddy, say they are really happy working at the real estate franchise company, which has 23 offices and 2,122 employees in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, according to information supplied by the company.

Based on the responses to The Inquirer, Daily News, and Top Workplaces 2011 survey, Keller Williams, with 78,000 employees in the United States and Canada, headed the list of top large companies.

You can READ MORE or just take my word that Keller Williams is the best choice for agents, buyers and sellers alike.  

I have been majorly slacking in the blogging department – the Spring Market is upon us!

But here’s a quick account of a cute thing I saw in MLS today. Gotta love it.

"Dog Porch"

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. A zero-turnout Open House.

We did everything right – advertising, signage, invitations… But the nasty weather seems to have gotten the best of home buyers today.

The only thing keeping me afloat right now is this lovely gas fireplace surrounded by extra-long windows, looking into the woods! Gorgeous!


I’m a believer in Foursquare. It’s the most innovative & fun social networking phenom, making waves in the world. I use it for fun & for business (click here to see how). Check me later for info on my Open House!

And today it becomes clear how we’ll be seeing it used from now on. Paraphrasing:

Just shout “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers” on Foursquare during the game to get a badge of the team you support.
Special badges are nothing new, but promoted venues add something more: anybody who picks up one of these three badges gets a promo code for 20% off merchandise on It’s the first Foursquare-wide discount/promotion, but it likely won’t be the last. Now that Foursquare has built the infrastructure to do something like this, it’s possible they could launch regular check-in deals for all users, much like Groupon or Yelp.

Click here for the whole article via

Came across an incredible deal while doing a home search for a client.

A stately colonial with 5 Bedrooms, olympic sized swimming pool, 2-car garage…. in the sweetest spot in all of Collingswood. Price tag? Only $259,900!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buying a House in the Cherry Hill area?

Buying a House in the Cherry Hill area?

Call me at 856-321-1212 x238 if you want to go see this! Or email me at

Saw this on – an arrest has been made!

Barclay Farms and other neighborhoods in Cherry Hill have recently seen more than their fair share of break-ins. Let’s hope it’s over!

Vigilant neighbors are to thank. Love to hear about people looking out for one another.

Barclay Farm Burglar Be Gone!